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technomotion's 2011 battle cry: "THINK OUT OF THE BOX!"



Since the beginning of time, from Adam and eve of  our God’s holy creation, or from one celled living organism of science of creation, all living things and non living things alike are bound to rules and regulations, laws, limits, boundaries, and in modern times we call it specs (specifications). Some may say that their hands are bound and only moves and decides what is fed to their brains and mouth, in other words their actions and decision are restricted.

But, who are the people who excel in their beliefs and principle, that up to now their Names are still echoing in all 4 corners of the world? They are the people who challenges the standards, beliefs and the existing laws of men, nature and even church’s laws. They are the people who have questions and work on it.

For example of earlier beliefs, The Earth is the center of solar system, thanks to Copernicus, because he proves that it is the Sun otherwise., the earth is a Cube, thanks to the earlier sea navigators, and they prove that the earth is close to a sphere…Da vinci, studied the Human anatomy in detail which is in his time  is prohibited by the church… even our Lord Jesus challenges or change( improve ) the Old Laws set by Moses in the new testament of the Bible.

Sometimes standards are to be questioned In the course of time , if it is still valid or still applicable.

The people who exceeds expectations are those people who never get tired of thinking, creatively. Searching for multiple answers in one problem, using standard principles and NOT SO VERY STANDARD PRINCIPLES. (experimenting).

But be wise and not be easily fooled about experimenting on not standard principles. On thinking OUT OF THE BOX ( or set standards), be mindful of the obvious. Many things in our time are already proven based on the idea of thinking out of the box. WE MIGHT END UP JUST WASTING OUR TIME.




In our Company’s status today, we already have set standards to follow, based on our experiences. Individually ,we grew! Our thinking , decision making, beliefs, lifestyles, outlook in life have improve tremendously for the better. But our management never ever restricted anybody on experimenting. Rules are made to be broken for a better results., that’s why there is still improvements going on in our Company everyday.


We are all given an opportunity to speak and voice out our Minds… we call this  “FREE THINKING”. 


Individually,  Most of us have proven our worth many times and may sometime think, “ WHAT MORE CAN I CONTRIBUTE FOR THE COMPANY  ?” “ WHAT ELSE CAN I DO MORE TO MAKE MYSELF BETTER?”…This is where thinking OUT OF THE BOX enters, there are more possibilities of improvement just be creative, broaden your horizon and always balance your options. There is an endless options for improvements.


For those who did not excel on their job, this is the time to make serious analysis and deep thinking on what made you fail. Think out of the box …look outside of yourself and ask yourself , How did they do that? How did they meet their goals?


And for the new members of the company, it is wise to follow the set standards, but do not restrict yourselves, it is also good to make your imaginations play, it will make you wiser.


Thinking OUT OF THE BOX, will make us more creative, knowledgeable, hardworking, it can also develop our decision making, we will know our priorities, analyze our contradictions and judgments, it will make us brave to have Guts to accept failures, it will also improve our ability to decipher what is obvious, it will give us knowledge to know the hidden truth and most of all we can acquire the skill in differentiating  the meaning of right and wrong. By achieving all of these , the best end result will follow.




Now our company needs YOU! , YES MY FRIEND!, YOU!, you who can contribute to our advancement,  use your skills and abilities to convince not only the management and your co-employees but most of all YOURSELF.


So I ask each and every one of you to perform well, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, apply extra effort, speed up your learning process, work efficiently, be a team player, focus on your job, be proud ,improve, and most of all “THINK OUT OF THE BOX”. chnage4b


Say out loud dear TECHNOS “ LET’S THINK OUT OF THE BOX “.


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